[LIFESTYLE] Instagram weekly #1

Monday, 31 December 2012

HIYA dolls & gents,

Here i thought i would share what i have been up to the past week. As some of you might know i spent xmas and will be spending new years eve in Wimbledon, London.

Can't believe how it has flown by and we are getting on the plane tomorrow back home for new years with the family and my 21st birthday on Saturday 5th. But a week on Wednesday we will be on the plane again back to London with friends yet again for two more weeks!

Here i thought i'd share some pics throughout the 10days stay.

1. Xmas Day before heading out for dinner at Jimmy's 2. Winter Wonderland @ Hyde Park 3. Teppanyaki Ice Cream 4. Random Shoot by my bf 5. Morrisons Trolley 6. Pink Elephant Prize from WWonderland 7. Greggs yummm 8. My xmas present from the bf rose champagne studs 9. bf xmas present 10. Cold Winter @ Hyde Park 11. Yummy Ice cream from Jimmy's 12. I Love Primark, Studded Jumper!
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